Superior Wear Parts Technology

Generate more product with less wear on parts using AMCAST's patented MNXTM Manganese Alloy, MasterCeramicTM inserts, GripPlusTM inlays and SuperBiteTM inlays.

MNXTM Manganese Steel 

A New Generation of Steel

We have developed new innovative Manganese steel – called MNXTM. Manganese steel combines excellent wear-resistant characteristics with high durability. 

The winning characteristic of this material is joining the typical MnCr18.2 toughness to a homogeneous and very fine dispersion of Hard Phases, with HV hardness values that are generally twice in comparison with typical Chromium carbides. 

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MasterCeramicTM Inserts

For Extreme Working Conditions

Our ceramic insert was developed to increase the lifetime of martensitic & White Chromium blow bars, offer full protection of the rotor during the entire lifetime of the bar and decrease maintenance time.

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Reinforced Manganese Steel

Increase the hardness of manganese steel 18% where impact is not enough to work-harden the surface and reduce wear due to abrasion.

Increase the life time of parts in very abrasive applications

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Reinforced Manganese Steel

We tailor the hard inlay to match the customer needs, according to our know-how to reach the best result. Customer shows us only where he notes maximum wear on the casting.

The inlays increase life of the part about 60% or more.

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