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Cheaply made crusher wear parts are hurting your bottom line
and keeping you from performing at maximum output.

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Are Your Parts Wearing Prematurely?

Cheaply made wear parts only appear to be saving you money.

Are Your Crushers Experiencing Uneven Power Draw?

Quality castings that maintain their wear profiles for longer will maximize efficient energy consumption.

Do You Experience Excessive Machine Downtime?

When your machines aren't running, you're losing money.

Explore AMCAST's Lineup of Wear Parts and Sand Production Equipment

Extend the life of your crusher wear parts, decrease machine downtime, and increase your production output.

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AMCAST doesn't want to just provide you the best wear parts and equipment

We want to provide you with the tools to help your business grow

AMCAST is a trusted partner in the industry, working collectively with you
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Over 11,000 crusher wear part patterns

Average of 30% Yearly Wear Parts Savings

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With advancement, there is a sustainable future for the mining industry.

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Work with AMCAST: a team that understands crushing equipment and what it takes to keep it running

Machine downtime creates lost production and wasted man-hours. Cheaply made wear parts create an inferior product and keep you from outperforming your competition. AMCAST eliminates these problems by creating high-quality crusher wear parts using patented technologies developed through Material Science by our Research and Development Team.

With AMCAST's Crusher Wear parts, your production increases, you produce a better product, and your crushers maintain a more consistent power draw, maximizing energy consumption.

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