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AMCAST's CEO, Tomaso Veneroso, Speaks at This Years OSSGA Seminar

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This past week, the OSSGA held their Operations, Health and Safety Seminar. This one-day virtual event welcomed the industry to engage and discuss ways to benefit their operations, work together, maintaining health and safety practices at the forefront, and ways to innovate the industry as whole to create a sustainable future.

AMCAST’s CEO, Tomaso Veneroso, had the pleasure of presenting at the OSSGA seminar this year and spoke on the topic of the revolution of Manganese steel. This alloy steel became a huge success when it hits the market five years later. Since then, it has been the primary steel used to cast the wear parts in crushing equipment. It has helped shaped the world we live in today but it is time for a change and AMCAST took the opportunity to reinvent the steel alloy into what we call MNXTM

Click here to learn more about MNXTM and how it is revolutionizing the mining industry.


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